If your success depends on the quality of service , Maitre'D solutions can provide you better customer service and increase your profits.


Table Service

In addition to a quality meal, your customers want a memorable experience. Maitre'D solutions for restaurants with table service will assist your employees to respond to the most demanding customers. Moreover, the solutions point of sale Maitre'D are fast, flexible, and have a multitude of features tailored to your needs. Given its ease of use, Maitre'D enables you to achieve greater efficiency, while providing a low cost of training of your staff on the system.


Fast Food

Everything is in the speed - that is to say, serve the customer orders efficiently while providing exceptional service. Solutions POS Maitre'D for fast food are robust and reliable. The Maitre'D systems flexibility allows you to customize your screen POS and add devices such as bar code readers or digital display.


Solutions for bars

Security and speed are the two basic ingredients for any solution point of sale, which guarantees a profitable management of a bar. With Maitre'D customers receive prompt service, while you make tighter controls on sales and inventory.


Other segments

The flexibility of system configuration POS Maitre'D offers in a single operating system functions to provide top quality service and benefit from effective management, both used in a hotel, a fitness center, an arena, or a golf club.

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