UniversalPOS provides a simple, affordable, and powerful "end-to-end" point of sale system offering inventory control and customer relationship management (CRM).

This high-performance system will help you manage your business, increase revenue and control costs. Its unique design allows it to be easily integrated into virtually any industry without sacrificing industry specific features.


Basic System Feature

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Aged Accounts Receivable
  • Complete Inventory Tracking with Full Purchase Orders
  • Reservation System
  • Gift Card Tracking
  • Unlimited Products, Departments, and Report Categories
  • Unlimited Discounts
  • Unlimited Domestic Curencies
  • Unlimited Foreign Currencies offering change in either foreign or domestic funds
  • 7 Tax Rates including VAT and Tax on Tax
  • Over 300 Built In Reports
  • Float Maintence

Integrated Devices

  • Credit and Debit Card (EMV)
  • Pay At The Table
  • Customer LCD or Pole Display Ready
  • Weigh Scale Interface
  • Barcode Label Printers for Product Tags, Shelf Talkers, and Shipping Labels

Sample Screen Images

Universal POS Screens


Let POS simplicity teach you more about what you are selling. Track what you are selling, when you sold it, what you paid for it and what you sold it for. Learn if you are not making a large enough margin for a product based on the square footage it occupies in your store. Track your sales for commissions to 'Bus Drivers' or to 'Employees'. By utilizing our time and attendance features, your sales and labor costs can be tracked together. Compare your sales this month or this day to the same period last year.



Our time and attendance has integrated a Time Clock and Staff Scheduler right into your point of sale system. This allows for greater control of labor costs, as well as tighter security on who has access to the system. Create reports on Sales versus Labor for specific periods The time clock allows managers to adjust shift start and end times just in case employees forget to clock in or out.



Control over your inventory is key in maintaining a healthy bottom line and good cash flow in any business. POS simplicity system monitors your purchases and your sales through our point of sale and our stock ordering processes. Learn what stock levels you should be maintaining for each item and what items are giving you the greatest financial returns.



For those customers that make sales through the back of the house as well as the front, POS simplicity again is the solution. Our integrated Invoicing Module allows for back office sales using a format similar to that offered by most major accounting packages.



Say goodbye to those slow and cumbersome point of sale systems. Whether your using a touch screen monitor or a point of sale keyboard, POS simplicity offers Cash Register Simplicity. You can use our POS Screen Designer to create attractive, user-friendly screens for your point of sale system or you can modify one of our many pre-designed screens.



A customer is the most valuable commodity any business can have and making them return to your store more often is your bottom line. Our point of sale will track the purchases your customer are making allowing you to monitor the buying habits of your customers. Keep your customers coming back with reward points. We offer reward point systems based on the amount of money customers spend at your store or based on the products they purchased. Either way, your customers will be back to redeem their points on future purchases. Our mini accounts receivable system provides a simple aged accounting system with monthly statements. You can quickly and easily process account charges and payments from the point of sale.

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